Chef Sandeep Sreedharan

Sandeep has over 2 decades of practice in creating culinary experiences all over the world. With a strong management background and a stronger passion for food, Sandeep runs a successful design studio and a gourmet company under the brand name ‘Esca Brahma’. He also runs a successful food blog Esca Brahma ( , Instagram:: @escabrahma Twitter:: @escabrahma ) where he showcases some of the unique creations and also uses a platform for sharing tips and techniques.
Further, he has launched 2 restaurants Curry Tales in Mumbai and Mahé – Modern Coastal Cuisine in Goa food based on cooking and delivering flavors from across Indian Coast and also works as a private chef creating a high-end culinary experience. His mantra is to ‘serve comestible perfection on a platter’ leveraging experiences and inspirations gained over a period of time.