DJ Shadab

Shadab and music is an affair of more than 12 years. Hard-work personified, this international DJ has established himself as a powerhouse of the music world.

Speaking about his talent, maturity and vision, he has the right technique to create unforgettable memories with his mixing style by delivering the exact music that the crowd wants to flow to.

His remix albums have impressed the international listenership to an extent hardly imagined. He continues his journey by creating Dance, Bollywood and Club bangers and this seems to be working pretty well so far, with his Social media popularity growing exponentially.

A well applauded artist, he has left an imprint with his fresh and open-minded approach to new club focused sounds that has helped shape the current state of commercial music.

He has successfully released three Bollywood remix albums on AIDC records. Overall 2 million+ views on Youtube for his productions and over 18k album downloads and still counting.

Shadab’s albums have always found spots on radio stations globally. When on the decks, DJ Shadab has a smooth and graceful control over the switch of tones, tempos, rhythms, and genres for the crowd to witness. As he says, ”When music is the weapon, no one is safe.”