Pure Bhangra

A group that initially originated from authentic passion and vigor to re-establish the roots of Punjabi culture in the Middle- East. Pure Bhangra is the name that stands for the most happening ‘bhangra’ crew in Dubai, and it is true that initially the name only held in it the identity of a troupe of content university students who love to dance, but, today PB is a lot more than that. Our services and clientele have increased rapidly over the years since our first performance in 2011.

24th November 2011, Marks the date of its origin, the team as small as eight dancers, who limited themselves to taking up performances or maybe a few choreographies here and there. However, today the group has grown in an organization, an organization that strives to provide numerous services parallel to pursuing its love for dancing.


Pure Bhangra’s passion is to educate more and more people with the most amazing dance form of Punjabi culture ‘Bhangra’.