Indian By Nature [IBN] owns and operates DESTINATION VEGETARIAN RESTAURANTS in the PREMIUM CASUAL Category with focus on highest quality food with authentic flavours. An upscale dining environment with highest food quality but with highly competitive menu pricing.Unique menu concept that consistently is changing and innovating to offer newer experiences. IBN’s concepts and operations are EXPERIENCE CENTRIC to ensure each guest has a DELIGHTFUL EXPERIENCE every time. IBN offers a very unique food experience through a combination of CORE MENU and CELEBRATIONS MENU. Each menu option has unique experiences to offer that makes IBN stand out in the market.

Core Menu: The menu is divided across North, South, East and West of India with-Classical Dishes–IBN offers flavours from 7 regions of India with a selection of most popular dishes from each region.-Signature Dishes–an innovative and rich variation to classical dishes across India.Core Menu offers extensive options under Jain and Vegan preferences too.Celebrations Menu-This is IBN’s opportunity to experiment and innovate with Indian cuisine which could be celebrating a regional cuisine, seasonal produces, or,a festival.-Celebrations Menu rotates each month.