Mai Dubai

Official Water

Mai Dubai as a company was established in December 2012, but construction only started in June 2013 and the facility was completed in a matter of 11 months. After the successful commissioning of our machines, our sales team went to market in March 2014. We realised early on that the brand represents Dubai, a global brand which stands for high quality, high standards and a grand consumer experience, so there is no compromise when it came to our effort and investment towards building a best-in-class company. In terms of our name, we needed something different so Mai is the spoken way of saying water in Arabic and In English when someone hears Mai Dubai they think “my Dubai” so it becomes very easy to remember either way.

As an entity, we are registered as an LLC and we’re fully-owned by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority which is another important reason in ensuring the highest standards of quality locally and globally.

After over four years since the launch of Mai Dubai, it has become one of the leading bottled drinking water companies in the UAE, and certainly a highly popular brand. Today Mai Dubai is a household name not only in the UAE but in several markets around the world.

We’ve been on an incredible and very challenging journey, which has lead us to export to over 1 dozen countries around the world, to attain world-class awards, certifications and accolades but that’s only the beginning. To date, Mai Dubai has exported its products to several countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the GCC and since 2015 we’ve been the proud water refreshment partner of Emirates Airlines.